Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lunch Calls!

It's my first lunchtime of my health kick, I must admit if there was nothing I fancied I would skip lunch altogether only to snack on rubbish throughout the afternoon! 

So today my lunch was this: 


I had a wholemeal seeded wrap filled with tuna flakes, red onion and watercress. I really enjoy tuna, and it is pretty much one of the only fillings that I actually enjoy!

I finished off with this:
I am a weirdo and only like eating apples if they are cut up! , please don't ask me why I have absolutely no idea myself! This is a pink lady apple which is one of my favourites!

I am hoping to post at least one meal post a day out of the three meals so there will be a bit of variety hopefully! 

Speak soon


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